Privacy Policy

MacRae Pty Ltd atf the MacRae Trust trading as MacRae News

This policy provides guidelines as to how your personal information will be collected and stored.

MacRae News collects the names, addresses, shipping information and any other relevant information needed to carry out the intentions of what this site is designed for – which is to provide a quality service to its customers through online sales.  Payment details and shipping details are necessary to carry out this function.  These details however will never be shared with or sold to a third party.

We may use personal information to

  • Fulfil and ship orders
  • Inform customers about products and promotions
  • Maintain records and accounts
  • Contact customers if necessary (alternative available products etc)
  • Award discounts or loyalty points
  • Conduct market research, trend analysis and for marketing purposes

MacRae News will take all reasonable steps to make sure details remain up to date and accurate.

Personal information may be sort to confirm the legitimacy and authenticity of orders and to minimize fraudulent transactions.