Term and Conditions of Use

MacRae Pty Ltd atf the MacRae Trust trading as MacRae News

This policy provides terms and conditions for cht.secondaryinformtrand.com

MacRae News reserves the right to modify these conditions without notice.

By using this website you are acknowledging the terms and conditions.

1.      Acceptance of orders is solely at the discretion of MacRae News

2.     Once the order is placed, it is considered a firm sale and can only be modified with the agreement of management.

3.     Delivery of goods will be to the address provided.  Delivery details cannot be changed once shipping has taken place.

4.     Faulty goods may be returned as per consumer law.

5.      As we guarantee our gifts are of premium quality, and not items that have been returned by others –  they cannot be returned due to a change of heart.

6.     Any discrepancies with an order must be reported within seven days of receipt.

7.     Any business account customers must stick to the agreed payment terms or risk account their being suspended.  We are a small family business and our cash flow relies on people paying their bills.

8.     MacRae News sells products manufactured by others, so when returning goods, the warranties will vary according to the supplier of the goods.  All attempts will be made to keep our customers happy and we will negotiate with our suppliers to try and achieve a satisfactory outcome a reasonable person may expect.

9.     MacRae News takes all reasonable steps to keep all items up to date and will contact the purchaser immediately if the item ordered is not available in order to offer alternatives or process and refund.

10.     Use of any products purchased on the site is at the owners own risk and judgement (don’t run with the scissors people J)

11.     MacRae News does not accept legal responsibility for any loss, damage or other suffered by the user and protects our staff and management  with this same indemnity.

12.     This website may contain links to other sites that MacRae News Pty Ltd takes no responsibility for.

These terms and conditions may be updated at any time.