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MacRae News Tribe at the international womens dinner 2019

MacRae News Customer Service Team



I was lucky enough to attend the Wild Spark Rural Women’s Network event last Friday. There were many prominent business ladies speaking from around Australia and it was inspiring to hear the  things they have achieved.  There was a lot of talk about blogging, showing up daily and  building your tribe.  As usual, my tendency to overthink everything kicked in and it got we wondering – do we only have one tribe?  Who is my tribe?  I think I have a work tribe, a customer tribe, my council tribe, family tribe and general friendship group tribe – and which one am I trying to build?  This took me back to my former life and I could hear a long ago voice echoing “purpose and audience”.

What is the purpose of my blog going to be and how am I going to make it engaging for a tribe?  Or will I try a scattergun approach and try and add a bit of something for all the above mentioned tribes?  Do I want to sell, entertain, inspire or connect? I settled on the purpose being to inform readers about different services we offer here at MacRae News and to talk about the products we stock, love and use ourselves.

If my audience is people like me, they would probably be more Linked In than Snapchat and more Facebook than Insta (I am just not arty enough for those beautiful photos)  I guess that is way of saying old school:)  I have added the link to the Wild Spark Networking group so you can check it out for yourselves.

So if you think you fit this tribe, welcome and I hope you enjoy my blog.  And remember, every great day starts with a coffee.






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