What is in a turmeric latte?

A cup of tumeric latte

Tumeric Latte or Golden Milk



Well, obviously turmeric, but there are a few extras you can add to give yourselves a real health boost.  The benefits of turmeric have long been recognized but here a MacRae News we add a few little health hacks to squeeze in more benefits.  Firstly, I always like to use almond milk rather than dairy, though this is just a personal preference.  We can make them either way.  We then add about a half a teaspoon of greens + collagen.  This has a pretty festy taste that does not go well in coffee but I find compliments the turmeric latte.  I use the SUP brand as it focusses on probiotics aiding gut health.  I did think this was a bit of a stretch when it was put to me by my friend Tash Tully, but I could honestly feel the difference with my skin in a couple of days.  Even if you just grab it and shot it at home with water I think you will be surprised with the results.

You also have the option of making it bullet proof style – where you replace the milk with water like the long black but add organic butter.  The latest butter to fight belly fat craze seems implausible to me however all the health gurus seem to back it so I have been giving it a go.  I also add MCT oil as this is promoted as being fat burning and good for weight management.  We then add the green + collagen and then put in a blender.  We always add a little cinnamon on top.

So if you are after a little afternoon treat, why not try a turmeric latte and see what you think.  Perfectly guilt free and delicious.

Remember, every great day starts with a coffee.




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